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Discover Energy Fusion!

Welcome to our Flamenco Fit classes, where the passion of flamenco meets the vitality of fitness to offer you an exciting and rhythm-filled exercise experience. These innovative classes are the perfect combination of the rich tradition of flamenco and dynamic training to keep you in shape while enjoying music and dance.

Cardiovascular Exercises to the Rhythm of Flamenco:

Experience the thrill of cardiovascular exercises specifically designed to follow the passionate rhythm of flamenco. Burn calories as you immerse yourself in the contagious energy of this unique form of exercise.

Flamenco Movements to Strengthen and Tone:

Learn the distinctive movements of flamenco that will not only connect you with the tradition, but will also work all muscle groups, helping you strengthen and tone your body comprehensively.

Fun and Motivating Routines:

Our classes are a constant celebration. Through dynamic and motivating routines, you will immerse yourself in the magic of flamenco while improving your resistance, strength and flexibility.

Ambiente Energético:

Our studio is a vibrant space where music, movement and motivation combine to create an energetic and friendly environment. With enthusiastic classmates, each class becomes a celebration of life and well-being.

Passionate Instructors:

We have passionate instructors who fuse their love of flamenco with fitness experience. They will guide you through every step, ensuring you have a stimulating and challenging experience.

Classes for all levels:

It doesn't matter your skill level or physical condition; Our Flamenco Fit classes are accessible to everyone. Join us and discover how the passion of flamenco can boost your fitness routine in a unique and exciting way.

Get ready to dance, sweat and tone in our classes!

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